J. Ranck Electric, Inc. (JRE) is a Department of Transportation prequalified contractor that works on roadway, aviation, marine, and rail projects and maintenance from Michigan to Florida and almost every state in between. With over 30 years of experience working with state, federal, and local jurisdictional authorities, JRE has an integral knowledge of many systems currently in place.

Our roadway and bridge teams have a broad understanding of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that includes traffic signal, monitoring systems (weather, speed, traffic conditions, security), lighting and signage. These systems make transportation safer and more reliable through automation and providing information to the public.

Our aviation technicians are experienced with airfield facilities and procedures and have been involved with extensive runway and facility additions, rehabilitation, and emergency repairs. Our crews are outfitted with the proper training and tools for all aspects of airport electrical, communication, and guidance systems, including locators and truck-mounted air-to-ground radios. JRE crews communicate with the air traffic control tower, allowing movement on the airfield without escorts. We are proud to be trusted by many airports to install and maintain lighting, NAVAIDs, Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), weather systems, and radio controls.

From small town streetscapes and traffic signals to international airports, border crossings, and bridges, J. Ranck Electric has the experience, manpower, and extensive fleet to build and maintain almost any transportation infrastructure.