Clean Energy


J. Ranck Electric’s Renewable Energy Division is a leader in bringing clean energy solutions to some of the largest and unique installations across the country. Many of our premier projects have included rooftop and ground-mounted solar arrays from smaller 40 kW projects to many of the largest arrays in the mid-west United States. JRE has installed over 200 MW of solar generation capacity nationwide, is the top solar installer in the state of Michigan and is listed at No. 38 in Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractor ranking in the nation.


Solar Projects

JRE’s Renewable Energy Division designs every system within the constraints of the customer’s location (available land or roof space, annual electricity demand, shading sources), all while keeping the customer’s aesthetic preferences in mind. Working within these parameters, our design team aims to minimize the installed cost of the system while maximizing its performance. JRE will compile a proposal, complete with a system rendering and cash flow analysis, to demonstrate the system’s return on investment over the life of the array.

From small off-grid arrays atop a tree house to utility scale megawatt projects, JRE’s extensive fleet and manpower come together to build a quality system while meeting every deadline. JRE self-performs the majority of the work on many projects while coordinating all necessary inspections, permits, and utility interconnections.


Featured Solar Projects