Weather brings perspective at JRE’s 6th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Outing

August 28, 2018


Though we had a rainout at Fore the Kids 2018, the cloudy day shined a light on a valuable perspective. We couldn’t be more grateful for the perspective we gained and for the opportunity we had to team with our customers and vendors to support a worthy cause.

“It had been pouring rain for a couple hours already and we were all getting soaked out on the course. I was starting to feel frustrated with the weather,” said JRE Vice President Angie Wood. “Then I realized, I am choosing to be here. I can choose to work or play in the rain, but I don’t have to live in the rain.

“There are people who won’t be able to go home to a hot shower and a warm bed tonight. We’re here to help them,” Wood added, highlighting the reason JRE invites customers and vendors to come together each year to golf.

This year, the organization we gathered to support was the Isabella County Restoration House (ICRH), a temporary emergency homeless shelter. ICRH supports people during their greatest time of need, helping meet the most basic needs as they work to transition into sustainable, self-sufficient living arrangements. The shelter is open each year from October until April, providing both a stationary day shelter and overnight housing that rotates between host sites, with area churches working together to host. In one ICRH season, over a quarter of the 153 homeless guests were children.

Ryan Griffus, the founder of ICRH, shared his personal experience with homelessness in Saginaw County that drove him to help others. Earlier in the day, on his way from Mt. Pleasant to Freeland, Ryan drove by landmarks from his past. He told us how he slept under the Court Street Bridge. He shared memories of searching for an unlocked pole barn to get out of the rain and cold, less than a mile from the podium where he stood speaking to us.

Ryan’s story showed how much closer we are to homelessness than we realize. But he left us with a message that we can take to heart: One person, one company, or one event like Fore The Kids can make a huge difference. We just have to be willing to help.

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Of ICRH guests last year were children