J. Ranck Electric opens doors for students to explore careers in professional skilled trades

March 19, 2018


On Thursday, March 15, 2018, J. Ranck Electric (JRE) hosted its fourth annual Skilled Trades Night for area students to explore careers in the trades. Students and their parents, 170 of them in total, gathered at J. Ranck Electric headquarters in Mount Pleasant.

“The night was filled with energy and everyone was able to get an inside look at what our professional tradespeople do,” said JRE Vice President and HR Director Angie Wood, “From our electricians showing how traffic signals work, our renewable energy team discussing solar panel technology, to our mechanics showing all the different types of equipment, we had too many positive student interactions to count. We love seeing young people excited about all the opportunities they have in the trades. Their excitement makes Skilled Trades Night incredibly rewarding for us.”

The evening began with a panel demonstrating how several of our employees started down their career path and ended up where they are today. Students and parents alike had many great questions for our presenters and the students enjoyed the hands-on learning aspect of the night. Students were able to operate a backhoe simulator, connect wiring on a trailer, radio an airport tower, and experience the view from a bucket truck.

The common theme throughout the evening was that if you work hard, commit to learning, and show up on time, you can learn any trade you put your mind to. JRE employees are so passionate about what they do, they take great satisfaction in helping the younger generation learn a skill for life.