The Butter Solar Portfolio – Wisconsin

J. Ranck Electric (JRE) was contracted by the RECON Corp. for the electrical work at three ground-mounted solar arrays in Wisconsin. In total, the Butter Solar Portfolio consists of 23 MW of solar power generated at 10 different solar sites located throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. The multi-state power purchase agreement, and operated by BluEarth Renewables, is generating power which will be used locally by the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group and its customers.

JRE’s contract included the installation of AC and DC electrical work for 10.5 MW at the Arcadia, Cumberland, and Fennimore arrays in Wisconsin. JRE installed inverters, transformers/AC combiners, equipment pads, and racks, underground and above ground collection systems. JRE also installed the raceways and cabling for the DAS/SCADA/Met Station for the arrays communications. All commissioning, start-up, synchronization, and performance testing on the electrical and communication systems installed was also conducted by JRE. At the time of completion in the fall of 2019, Arcadia was the largest array in the state of Wisconsin.

Project Details


21.18 Acre Site
19,604 Modules (REC TWINPEAK)
RBI Fixed Tilt Racking
40 Sungrow Inverters


13.24 Acre site
2.5 MW-AC
9,048 Modules (REC375TPS272M)
RBI Single Axis Tracker (839 Table, 1,678 Posts, 156 Field Equipment Posts)
20 Sungrow Inverters


15.7 Acre site
10,816 Modules (REC TWINPEAK 380-WATT)
RBI Single Axis Tracker (987 Tables, 1,974 Posts. 125 Field Equipment Posts)
24 Sungrow Inverters