Vectren Energy Solar

EPC Solar Array with Battery Storage — Evansville, Indiana

J. Ranck Electric (JRE) was contracted for the design, engineering, procurement, and construction (Solar EPC Services) of the 2.75 MW DC solar array on 15 acres near US-41 in Southern Indiana. This utility-owned array includes a 1 MW Lithium Ion Battery Storage System with 4.65 MWH of capacity.

Project Details

7,784 REC 350-watt solar modules 1500V
TMEIC 2.5MW AC Inverter skid at 1500 Volt DC
12 SolarBos 1500-Volt combiner boxes
139 Racks
1056 Posts
DAS system interfacing with existing utility SCADA
Johnson Controls 1 MW / 4 MWh L2000 BU-5000E Distributed Energy Storage System
53’ L2000 BU-5000E containerized system
18 racks consisting of 17 battery modules per rack, of lithium ion energy storage
Power Conversion System: Ingecon Storage Powermax 1170TL U B450 Bidirectional Inverter
1000 kVA Step up transformer 450/12,470 V