The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

Street Lighting Modernization – Detroit, MI

J. Ranck Electric was one of three contractors hired to complete a $185 million LED conversion and modernization of the street lighting system in Detroit, MI. The Public Lighting Authority (PLA) of Detroit was created in 2013 to oversee construction and maintain the lighting system. At that time, nearly 40 percent of the streetlights in Detroit were not functioning, mostly due to deteriorated infrastructure, bulb outages, copper theft, and vandalism. The project not only addressed major public safety concerns but also standardized the quality of lighting across the city. New 150-watt-equivalent LED lights were installed on residential street corners, down each street every five houses, and at alleyway entrances replacing existing 75-watt-equivalent High Pressure Sodium lights. Streets connecting residential areas with community destinations received new 250-watt equivalent LED lights and major thoroughfares had 400-watt equivalent LED lights installed. JRE also installed 198 solar powered lights on Belle Isle. Overall, from 2014 to 2017, JRE installed 8,222 LED light heads and nearly 20 miles of underground and overhead cable during the lighting retrofit.

Project Details

(3,833) 150-watt-equivalent LED heads installed
(3,629) 250-watt-equivalent LED heads
(562) 400-watt-equivalent LED heads installed
198 solar-powered LED light fixtures
4,120 new poles and bases
Over 100,000 feet of underground cable installed
Over 600,000 feet overhead electrical distribution cable installed
3,782 removals of existing base, pole, and light