GM Assembly Plant Solar Array

Lordstown, OH

In 2014, J. Ranck Electric teamed with Solscient Energy to build, at the time, General Motor’s largest solar array in the Western Hemisphere. The 2.2 MW ground-mounted array, consists of Solar Flex Racking and 8,500 solar panels, has the capability of powering 1.5% of the Chevy Cruze assembly plant. The array, which sprawls 270,000 square feet, is connected to Ohio Edison’s power grid through a net metering agreement. JRE was contracted to install the posts, SolarFlex Rack, and 8,500 solar panels.

Project Details

Location: Lordstown, OH
System Size: 2.2 MW
Panels: (8,500) Renesola 156 Series 250 W
Racking: (189) SolarFlex Rack
Inverter: (56) SMA string 24 kW