Federal Aviation Administration Antenna Tower

Traverse City, Michigan

In 2016 and 2017, J. Ranck Electric was the prime contractor for the installation of a new antenna tower at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Traverse City Remote Communications Air/Ground Facility (RCAG). The project included the construction of a new 154-foot tower, the supporting foundation, equipment, and the removal of the existing 133-foot tall tower structure.

JRE provided and installed new lighting protection, obstruction lighting, conduit, cabling, junction boxes, antennas, mounts, and all other items required for complete installation, from equipment racks located in the site equipment shelter on the ground to the top of the new tower. The project included all associated cabling, trenching, and conduit.

During all of construction, the jobsite was an operating air traffic control communication facility. JRE worked closely with FAA officials through shut-downs and safely coordinated any project activities when there was a potential for a disruption of services. JRE provided final testing and certification of the installed antenna cabling.

Project Details

  • 154-foot tall, 20-foot square structural steel tower (platform, handrails, and internal climbing staircase)
  • (4) 6-foot antennas with feedlines
  • (4) 10-foot lighting arrestors
  • 12-foot deep, 38-foot square tower foundation with 4 anchor bolt clusters (301 cubic yards concrete volume)
  • 83,881 lbs of foundation rebar installed
  • 12 runs of cabling from top of tower to equipment building