Dow Event Center Awnings

Saginaw, MI

J. Ranck Electric installed a unique 8-foot tall, 250-foot-long wall-mounted solar awning on the south wall of Wendler Arena at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan. The array, funded by a U.S. Housing and Urban Development Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant, produces 34 kW of energy per hour at maximum output. The array will feed into the facility’s power grid with an estimated $3,000–$4,000 electrical cost savings annually. A digital kiosk inside the event center’s atrium shows visitors the amount of solar power generated and the energy cost savings for the county-owned facility.

Project Details

Location: Saginaw, MI
System Size: 35 kW
Panels: (126) 275W Suntech panels
Racking: Schletter Racking
Inverter: Solectria 15 kW Inverter