Domino’s Farms Solar

Ann Arbor, MI

In 2015, J. Ranck Electric worked with Nova Consultants to construct what was, at the time, the state’s largest solar array at Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The array is owned and operated by southeast Michigan power supplier DTE Energy as part of their SolorCurrents program. JRE turned an underutilized 9-acre parcel of land at the Domino’s Farms offices into a site they are leasing to DTE for 20 years. JRE crews used 4,842 tons of sand, 1,388 tons of fill dirt, and 4,034 tons of aggregate built a 2,500-foot-long access road to the site. Over 500 helical piers, 4,032 panels, and two 500-kW inverters make up the array. In total, array is 4 modules high, arranged in a portrait configuration, with the top of each row of panels reaching 25 feet high.

Project Details

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
System Size: 1.1 MW
Panels: (4,032) Solar World 270 W
Racking: Solar FlexRack
Inverter: (2) Advanced Energy 500 kW