Cherry Capital Airport

Runway 28 Extension – Traverse City, MI

In 2013, J. Ranck Electric completed a 400-foot extension of Runway 28 and associated taxiways at Cherry Capital Airport, in Traverse City, MI for the Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics. The high-profile project was coordinated using multiple phase construction that kept the airport in operation during the project. Critical deadlines and extremely condensed timelines were met at every stage of the project. The project included MITLs, HIRLs, PAPIs, wind cones and guidance sign installations. A new MALSR and glide slope antenna were installed per FAA regulations and the ASOS National Weather Service equipment was also relocated and updated. The project garnered statewide attention and JRE received many accolades from the highly satisfied customer and airport manager.

Project Details

Owner: MDOT Aeronautics
Runway extension (RW28) and associated parallel taxiways
New installations of MALSR, MITLs, HIRLs, PAPIs, glide slope antenna, and wind cones
ASOS National Weather Service equipment was relocated and updated
Associated electrical work including: duct bank, man holes, conduit and cabling