Make the call: know what’s below

April 23, 2013

It is SPRING, or at least trying to be. With spring comes outside projects. With outside projects many times comes digging. When we are digging around utilities either at home or at work we are required to contact MISS DIG at least three days before we start breaking ground. This month the Michigan Public Service Commission is raising awareness of safe digging practices.


“Each year, hundreds of dig-in accidents are caused by careless digging, which results in damage to utility lines, service interruptions, property damage, financial penalties and personal injuries,” John Quackenbush said in a statement from the MPSC. “A simple call to 811 will result in fewer injuries, less damage to important infrastructure, and less loss of utility service.”


MISS DIG will notify the public utilities in your area so they can locate and mark the approximate location of underground lines they own and operate within your proposed work area. However, it is important to know MISS DIG does not locate private lines at your location. They will not locate the gas line from your propane tank to the house or out building. If you have other non utility lines or pipes underground the location of those lines is up to you.


Review the MISS DIG color coding and the underground hazards that have been marked. So, follow the rules, call 811 and let’s all be safe not sorry.


Below is a quick reference when contacting MISS DIG:


• Submit request at least 3 business days prior to conducting excavation

• Dial 811 in Michigan or call 1-800-482-7171

• Use their online E-Locate service to complete notification and track the progress of your request