Helping New Hope Village Open with JRE’s 5th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Outing

September 15, 2017


There are so many things we love about J. Ranck Electric’s 5th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Outing. We love spending a Friday outdoors on the golf course; driving a golf cart around in the sunshine and fresh air can’t be beat. We love getting together with customers and vendors. Plus, we definitely enjoy seeing golfers in silly goggles.

But those things aren’t really the reason the Fore the Kids golf outing exists. First and foremost, Fore the Kids is for family. J. Ranck Electric is a family business and family is one of our core values. To us, treating people like family means building each other up with respect and kindness. At JRE, prioritizing family is central to who we are, which is something we have in common with New Hope Village (NHV), the organization we supported at Fore the Kids 2017.

“When the founder of New Hope Village, John Congleton, told us he was going to open a homeless shelter specifically for families, we knew we’d found the organization to support at our 5th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Outing,” said JRE Vice President Angie Wood. “Hearing and seeing John’s passion for helping people made adopting New Hope Village an easy decision.”

NHV is a homeless shelter designed to keep a family together during challenging times, rather than shelter individual family members separately. Before NHV, homeless families of Midland County were split up; the father would be sent to one shelter and the mother and children to another. Often, these shelters were not even in the same county.

In July, renovations began at an old school building, to transform each of its classrooms into two apartment units. When Hillside Elementary reopens later this year as New Hope Village, it will house 18 families.

The $23,913.36 raised at Fore the Kids will be used to build and furnish a new classroom at NHV. The classroom will be used for both adult education and to tutor children, helping them catch up at school. NHV’s mission is to attack generational poverty and, according to Congleton, education is the key to making a lasting change in the lives of children and families, beyond their stay at New Hope Village.

Fore the Kids 2017 Stats

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