Helping ICCAC Protect Kids at JRE’s 7th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Outing

August 16, 2019


J. Ranck Electric’s 7th Annual Fore the Kids golf outing raised over $26,000 to help the Isabella County Child Advocacy Center (ICCAC) bring a new program, Protect Yourself 2.0, to kids in the Isabella County community.

Every year the ICCAC facilitates interviews for hundreds of children and educates over 1000 first-grade students at elementary schools in Isabella County.

At the Fore the Kids banquet, ICCAC Executive Director Kim Seidel shared the importance of prevention education for children. The ICCAC educates students in first grade with the original Protect Yourself program, teaching about body safety, expressing feelings, identifying “tricky” people, personal space, and identifying safe adults to go to for help.

The staff at ICCAC is working to expand their prevention education programming to every fifth-grade student in our community with Protect Yourself 2.0, a new program to focus heavily on the internet, gaming, and social media safety.

“We don’t think that our babies can be groomed for human trafficking through games online, but that’s the reality we live in,” said Seidel.

Protect Yourself 2.0 will teach kids how to stay safe online, arming them against the threat of human trafficking and abuse with age-appropriate lessons. With the overwhelming support from all the companies involved in Fore the Kids 2019, ICCAC is protecting the children in our community.

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About Fore the Kids
J. Ranck Electric’s (JRE) 7th Annual Fore the Kids golf outing was Friday, August 2, at Bucks Run in Mt. Pleasant. Starting in 2013, JRE has hosted their Fore the Kids charity golf outing each year, raising money to support an organization that serves children in Michigan. And each year, JRE’s vendors, customers, and employees have come together with tremendous support for Fore the Kids.

About Isabella County Child Advocacy Center (ICCAC)
In addition to prevention education for first- and fifth-grade students, ICCAC serves kids, ages three to 17, who are suspected of having been sexually abused. During child abuse investigations, the center brings all the agency professionals involved in a case (Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services) together and to the child for a single interview. They put the needs of the child victim first by preventing any child from enduring multiple interviews.

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