Drive like your life depends on it

Sep 23, 2013


When we think about J. Ranck Electric we may tend to think about work in the electrical arena. Electricity, pipes and wires, that is what we do, right? It is staggering to think that we have over 110 employees with commercial drivers licenses and nearly 100 work cars and trucks traveling the roads everyday. We drive thousands of miles every year and spend many hundreds of hours driving. These numbers don’t even take into account all the hours we spend getting from our homes to work.

All of that driving exposure puts many of our workers at risk of injury and accidents. The state of Michigan has started a ‘ZERO DEATHS: A Goal for Everyone’ campaign. MDOT is displaying the number of traffic fatalities on Michigan roadways year to date on Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).  The message will be displayed one day per month along various I, M, and US routes, and the campaign is scheduled to run from July through November.

According to the Michigan State Police, there were 273,891 reported traffic crashes in Michigan during 2012, of which 870 were fatal and 51,685 were personal injury.  281 of the fatal crashes were alcohol related.

Driver behavior factors into nearly 90 percent of all fatal crashes and one key to changing driver behavior is educating the public on the scope of the issue. “If everyone could steer clear of driving distracted, drowsy, impaired or careless, our roads would be much safer,” said Lieutenant Gary Megge of the Michigan State Police Traffic Services Section in Lansing.
Remember, many lives, including your own can be changed in an instant from the choices you make inside a vehicle. Drive Safe!