80 bikes built for Genesee County foster children

June 2, 2016

The Foster Closet wanted to give bikes to kids in Genesee County, but they needed help putting them together. That's were volunteers from J. Ranck Electric as well as Barton Malow, DTE Energy, and Inovateus came in.
Volunteers from Barton Malow (pictured here), DTE Energy, and Inovateus joined JRE employees at the JRE's Flint warehouse to assemble the last of the 80 bikes. 
 JRE's Scott Walker inspects his work with the a representative from Inovateus Solar. 
 Chris Brown, Safety Director at J. Ranck Electric, and a representative from Barton Malow inflate tires before the bikes are loaded into the semitrailer. 
JRE foreman Geoff Deloge makes sure the handles are on straight on a pink bike. 
JRE shipping and receiving clerk Brandon Malley finishes up a pink bike in JRE's Mt. Pleasant warehouse.
JRE's Logan Gawne finishes up a bike in JRE's Mt. Pleasant warehouse.
JRE Project Manager Chad Tubbs shows HR Assistant Stephanie Russel how to install a bike's handlebars. 
 After all 80 bikes were assembled, volunteers loaded them into a semitrailer for delivery to the Foster Closet. 
 Volunteers attached wheels and princess decorations to the smallest bikes in the JRE Flint warehouse. 
JRE's Jake May builds a toddler princess bike with two representatives from Barton Malow at JRE's Flint warehouse. 
 JRE's Lori Campbell teams up with a representative from DTE Energy to finish up a little boy's bike.
 A representative from Inovateus Solar (center) preps a bike tire for air as JRE Business Development Director Scott Walker (back left) works with a representative from Barton Malow to inflate tires and Loren Wilcox, JRE Warehouse and Fleet Director (back right), wheels a bike into place. 

The J. Ranck Electric team has partnered with the Foster Closet of Michigan to give bikes to kids in Genesee County. In many cases, children come into foster care with only the clothes on their back. Foster families can’t always purchase a bike for the kids in their care; they must first focus on providing the essentials. Foster Closet of Michigan helps with those basic needs all the time, but right now, they’ve got a special mission to give bikes to kids in Genesee County and volunteers from JRE, DTE Energy, Barton Malow, and Inovateus are helping them pull it off.

As of Wednesday, June 1, we have met our goal to assemble 80 bikes. Forty of the bikes were assembled in Mt. Pleasant by the JRE Team, and then JRE invited the companies involved in our DTE Lapeer solar project to join us to finish up the other half. Employees from DTE Energy, Barton Malow, Inovateus, and JRE, finished the assembly and pumped up the tires before loading them into a semitrailer.

On Saturday, June 4th, the semi pulled up to the Foster Closet of Genesee County and delivered the bikes to their new owners, 80 foster kids who had been drawn to win the bikes from the Foster Closet.